The Nemp control panel is used to control playback and display some information about the currently playing track.

On the left is a small area with three buttons. Here you can switch between controlling the main playback and the headphone output (useful with a second sound card). The equalizer and effects are controlled in a separate window, which can be opened with the third button.

The cover display can be hidden in the FormDesigner or via the menu Settings→View→Show Cover in the control panel. If the player area becomes too narrow, then the cover is automatically hidden.

In the center are the player controls: Play/Pause, Stop, next/previous track, playback mode, and volume.

Tip: Some buttons have multiple functions. Try the right mouse button!

The wide part on the right shows some info about the current track - artist, title, star rating as well as the progress indicator. Also buttons for recording (only for web radio) and for jumping forward and back within the current track (only for files).

For the playback mode, the individual icons mean:

Repeat everything: Nemp runs through the playlist from top to bottom and then starts from the beginning.

Repeat title: Only the current title will be repeated.

Random mode: The files are played in random order. In the options you can set whether the true randomness should be modified to achieve a perceived more random behavior, or to select the tracks with higher or lower probability depending on your rating. See the Settings-Playlist section for more details on random playback.

No repeat: Nemp plays the playlist and then stops playback.

In the middle part, the active tools are additionally listed by small icons, if applicable (not in the screenshot above).

The shutdown countdown has been activated. What exactly happens when (e.g. shutdown or hibernation) is indicated by the hint that appears when you point the mouse pointer a little longer at this icon.

The Happy-Birthday-Timer has been activated. Nemp will automatically pause playlist playback for a birthday serenade at the appropriate time.

The web server is activated to allow access to the player via a web browser.

Scrobbling is enabled. The songs you are listening to are transferred to your user profile on

Weak battery - the playback is littering. A little fun feature for laptops that only run on battery. Walkman mode is active and the battery charge is low. Nemp then starts to litter to warn you that you should connect the laptop to the mains.