The birthday timer is a little gimmick. If you are celebrating into a birthday, or don't want to miss midnight at a New Year's Eve party, then Nemp can remind you and interrupt the playlist playback at the specified time and play a predefined song. Optionally, a "countdown song" can be played before the actual "birthday song". The start point of the countdown is automatically selected so that the actual song starts at the selected time.

You can select the birthday song via the Windows file selection dialog, or via the currently selected title in Nemp. Playlist or media list doesn't matter, both work. The same applies to the countdown.

After the birthday song you can continue with the playlist automatically, or wait for user input. In this case, the player remains silent until someone clicks play again.

When the birthday mode is active, a cake icon is displayed in the main window.

Note: It may be that the concept behind it is not generally known everywhere. In Germany it is quite common to celebrate into (“reinfeiern in”) a birthday. This means that the party starts on the evening before the actual birthday and lasts until (long) after midnight. At midnight, a birthday song is usually sung (or bellowed), congratulations are given for the birthday (in no case beforehand - that brings bad luck!), the gifts are presented and then the party continues. It’s comparable to what you make into a New Year’s Eve all over the world. Hence: Happy Birthday timer.