Nemp offers an equalizer for adjusting the playback, as well as a few effects. However, this is not much more than a gimmick - audiophile users will probably not have much fun with it.


Adjust the sliders to a sound that suits you. You can choose between several predefined settings, and also save new settings.


Add some reverb or an echo with adjustable delay. The playback speed can be increased or decreased to a specified value. The function "Wobble playback" simulates the littering that used to occur with portable cassette players when the battery started to weaken. This changes the speed of playback randomly over and over again.

The Mickey Mouse Effect option determines whether the pitch of the playback should remain the same when the speed is changed, or whether the voices should become squeaky when the speed is increased.

Tip: Right-clicking on a slider causes it to jump back to the 0 position.


With A-B repeat, you can play sections of a title in a loop. Clicking on A sets the start point while playback is running, B sets the end point, and "Off" deletes both so that playback continues as normal.

In the control panel in the main window, two sliders are displayed when A-B repeat is active, with which the start and end points can also be moved.

Reverse playback

This will - surprise! - play the current track backwards.