With Nemp 5, the possibilities for displaying the files in the media library have been greatly expanded. The concept and the settings for this are explained in the sections Configuration, Layers in the tree view and Grouping and sorting.

Supplementary to this here:

Display as Coverflow

The configuration of the coverflow is much easier than the tree view. Here the sorting by "Album" is always used. However, you can specify the sorting here, and whether you want to display albums without covers separately (e.g. to complete them).

The exact design of the 3D Coverflow must be configured separately from this. More about this in the section 3D Coverflow.

Category Playlists

Specify how you want the category playlists to be displayed. If you collect all playlists with meaningful file names in one folder, displaying them as "File Name" makes sense. However, if you have a playlist file named "playlist.m3u" in each album folder, displaying it as "folder" makes more sense. Only the name of the folder itself is displayed, not the complete path. Displaying the complete path is also an option.