Visible columns in the medialist

A selection of the columns displayed in the bottom list in the main window. Can also be selected by right-clicking on the column header. 

Display of Albums, Directories, ...

The album cover can be displayed not only in the coverflow, but also in the tree view. However, only where it makes sense - namely when grouped by "Album". The number of tracks in each folder/album/artist/... can be hidden.

Not available metadata

In the media list, alternative information can be displayed in the columns for artist, title and album if this is not available in the metadata. These are taken from the file path or file name. If Nemp replaces a missing information here, then an info icon is displayed at the position, indicating incomplete metadata.

If a cover is missing, Nemp displays an empty CD. This default cover can be replaced by another image. In case of a change, covers already displayed in the player may only be updated when the cover is reloaded, i.e. when a new title is started.

Playlist formatting

The entries in the playlist can be configured. Nemp distinguishes between

  • Regular titles. The normal case - just normal music files
  • Fallback. If some required information is not available for a track, this formatting is chosen as fallback.
  • Cue (album/title). For titles with a matching cue sheet, Nemp can vary the display. For example, in the main entry the album is interesting, while in the individual cue entries the title defined in the cue sheet is of interest.
  • Webradio. Formatting for web radio stations.

The formatting can be selected from some predefined ones, but can be further customized relatively freely. Nemp supports the following placeholders:








Track number


Year of release




Station name (Webradio only)


Filename without extension


Filename with extension


Filename extension (e.g. mp3, ogg, flac)


Last part of the path before the filename




Full path

Extended view settings

  • Always sort view. Default: Off. By clicking on a column header in the media list, you can sort the displayed list according to the corresponding criteria. This setting also applies if a new list is created and displayed using the overview lists (tree view, coverflow, tag cloud). This causes a small delay in the display. Therefore, ...
  • Skip sort on large lists. Default: On. ... when this option is activated, sorting very large lists can be deactivated to avoid excessive delays.
  • Show marked files only from the current list. Default: On. When activated, clicking on the marker button next to the quicksearch field will show only marked files from the current selection. Otherwise, all marked files from the complete media library are shown.
  • Show hints in the media list. Default: On. Displays hints with some details when hovering the mouse pointer over an entry in the media list for a short time.
  • Show hints in the playlist. Default: On. Displays hints with some details when hovering over an entry in the playlist for a short time with the mouse pointer.
  • Select full row in media list. Default: On. Clicking on an entry in the media list in the lower part of the window will select the entire row. Otherwise, only the clicked cell in the table is selected.