At the first start the Nemp Wizard is started, which takes care of some basic configurations. You can also skip these settings and configure them later.

Nemp has a lot of interesting features. Some of them are very useful (at least I think so), but some of them modify your music files, or search additional information on the Internet. I think such things should be opt-in. I don't like players that write some stuff into my ID3 tags without asking. I also don't like programs that constantly go to the internet on their own to do some stuff. Therefore the Nemp Wizard was introduced, which asks some basic things when Nemp is started for the first time.

For the following actions the Nemp Wizard will ask for permission:

  • Check for updates: Nemp will download a small text file from my website to point out a newer version if one exists. This happens once a week by default. No personal data is sent, and apart from the usual server logs (IP address etc.) I don't get anything from it. I'm not interested in it either.
  • Change metadata: Nemp uses the metadata (ID3 tags) of the audio files to store various information. Changing this data is very easy - one click is enough to change the rating - and could happen unintentionally. However, this is a widely used feature, and many other players just do it that way. More about metadata in the chapter Metadata.
  • Automatic rating: Nemp can automatically adjust the rating of your music. If you listen to a track often, then it's probably safe to assume that you like it. If you cancel it, it probably wasn't that great. The rating is also written to the file's metadata. See the Automatic Rating section for details.
  • Download missing covers: If no matching cover can be found for a music file in the ID3 tag or as a file on disk, Nemp can try to download a cover from the net via the web service. This cover is then stored in the Nemp cover folder, and as front (Downloaded by Nemp).jpg (or .png) in the directory where the music file itself is located.
  • Nemp as default player: Register Nemp as the default player for Windows. On Windows 10, this may not work 100% - Windows will probably still ask you which app you want to use to open an mp3 file.

If you cancel the wizard at any time, all these options remain unchanged - disabled by default. You can change these settings later by restarting the wizard via the menu or by using the complete settings dialog.