Nemp can also count how often you listen to which files. This information is stored in the media library and - if quick access to metadata is allowed - also in the file’s metadata. If you do not allow quick access to metadata when selecting this option, the rating and playback counter may be lost when the files in the media library are refreshed.

Automatic rating increases the rating if a title has been played completely. It is decreased when a song is canceled. Both are optional.

  • A song is considered played completely if it is played at least halfway, or at least 4 minutes of it.
  • A song is considered canceled if it has not been played completely and the player has not been stopped. So if you click on Stop after a few seconds or stop Nemp completely, this will not have a negative effect on the rating of the title just started. Only if you select a new song during playback.

The change in the rating is not immediately visible on the stars scale. Internally, the ratings is a value between 1 and 128, which is rounded to half-stars for the display. A rating of 0 is considered neutral and is displayed with 2.5 stars.