November 2022

New concept: Categories

  • You can organize the media library into different categories. Each file can be assigned to one or more categories.
  • The categories can be customized to your own preferences. You can use up to 32 different categories.
  • Move or copy files to other categories using Drag&Drop, Copy&Paste or the menu.
  • A category can have the function "Recently added". All files that you add to the media library will be added to this category as well

New concept: Reworked tree view

  • The old separation in the tree view between "Artists" and "Albums" in two different lists has been replaced by a list that displays both levels in one tree structure.
  • In this combined view, further sortings can be added, which can be used in parallel.
  • In the grouping by "albums" the covers can be displayed
  • What exactly an "album" should be in this sense can be configured: Optionally based on the metadata, the directory structure, or a combination of these.

New features and changes

  • Completely reworked form designer for arranging individual areas in the main window. Hiding of many areas is now possible
  • Completely reworked settings dialog. The structure should now be more logical and clear. Scrollable view allows more related settings to be placed on one page.
  • Heavily reworked detail view for a file.
  • Enhanced Drag&Drop: moving/copying to other categories possible; hints about the triggered action before the drop.
  • Search for tags in the tag cloud (also for rarely used ones that are currently not displayed due to space limitations)
  • Support in playlist files for relative paths to parent folders with "\..\".
  • Extraction of additional tags from audio files: Album artist, composer and BPM (beats per minute)
  • Hint at startup, if Nemp has no write permissions in the data directory
  • Display of a hint icon in the media list on incomplete metadata if the file name or folder is displayed instead
  • Configurable background color for the coverflow in the Windows default view (i.e. without skin)
  • Categories for playlists and webradio can be hidden
  • PDF documentation replaced by Windows help (the one you are reading right now). Individual chapters in it linked directly to the interface to provide targeted help in some situations.

Removed features

  • Removed search for lyrics for multiple selected files. Instead: Support for manual search for lyrics at different search engines in the file properties dialog.
  • Distinction between "private" and "public" skins removed. Skins are now searched only in the \Skins\ subfolder in the program directory.

Bug fixes

  • "Additional pause between tracks" overrides repeat mode "Stop after end of playlist".
  • In the playlist editor for favorite playlists, access violations occurred when adding files if no playlist was created yet.
  • The first playlist in the media library was regularly removed
  • The byte-order-mark in UTF16 formatted ID3v2 tags was sometimes included in the output.
  • Various bugs with the old artist-album lists sustainably eliminated by the new concept (and the completely rewritten code).

Version 5.0.1

December 2022


  • Menu item "Online help"
  • CSV export greatly extended. It is now possible to generate variable exports based on export templates in different formats, e.g. csv, html and json

Bug fixes

  • Deleting the media library caused a crash
  • Sample rate was not displayed correctly for HiRes files (i.e. 96kHz)
  • Tab order in detail window corrected
  • In the detail window the hint text for the checkbox "Quick refresh" was set everywhere
  • Possible access violation at startup fixed
  • In CSV export the properties album artist, composer and BPM were missing 

Version 5.0.2

January 2023

Bug fixes

  • With some monitor configurations, the preview in the taskbar did not work and caused error messages.