April 2021

New features and improvements

  • Search and mark duplicate entries in the playlist; option to quickly delete duplicate entries.
  • The coverflow display can now be modified: configurable positions and angles of each album, distance between them; configurable reflection (on/off, intensity, distance); improved album selection when clicking on an album; the individual random covers at "your media library" are now clickable
  • Overhauled file overview in the main window: Display can be limited to the current title in the player; Improved details displayed for cue sheets; display of file folder with double-click function to list all files in this folder
  • Optional pause between two titles when playing the playlist
  • Configurable title display in playlist (i.e. not always just “Artist - Title”); optional column “Index”
  • Support for Apev2 tags in mp3 files; support for ID3v1 tags in file formats with Apev2 tags.
  • For webstreams the current track is no longer saved in the playlist, since it is unlikely to be up to date the next time it is started
  • Some windows now stay in the foreground (relative to the main window)
  • A double click on title display in the player part scrolls now to this title in the playlist
  • Checking for updates now uses a secure https connection

Bug fixes

  • When changing skins, star graphics were not updated on all forms
  • Webstreams were not saved or reloaded correctly in some cases
  • Menu item "Browse by - more" had no function
  • Resetting media library cover via details window did not delete internal coverID from ID3 tags as intended