May 2023

New features

  • Heavily revised web server: 
    • responsive layout
    • improved grouping by album (i.e. multiple albums with the same title are now also listed separately in the web server)
    • albums can be sorted by album name or artist
    • playback of titles in the browser via HTML audio
    • reworked JavaScript, without jQuery
    • revised template system
    • revised theme concept: folder "Common" for shared files. Restricted display of elements for "users" is now more directly controlled by the generated HTML code and/or CSS. This makes the "party theme" obsolete.
  • WebRadio should now play more reliably. If the connection is lost, the next track in the playlist is no longer played automatically, but an attempt is made to re-establish the connection. Also: UTF8 encoding detection in Shoutcast metadata and better visible error display when playing web radio.
  • Better support for audio CDs: Query of online CDDB enabled again. More efficient query of CD track information, automatic detection of newly inserted CDs, saving downloaded data to a local file.
  • Display of matching covers to playlists in Coverflow and tree view.
  • Revised hint window in the title list of the media library and the playlist, among other things display of the cover 
  • Option to add all titles in the current view to the playlist when double-clicking or pressing "Enter" (and not only the focused title)
  • Option to insert the whole album into the playlist when double-clicking in the coverflow
  • Option to prevent fading between live recordings

Small changes

  • included list of webradio stations revised
  • Email address for bug reports changed to


  • Unintended scaling of some elements (especially font sizes) disabled
  • Clicking on the first item in the coverflow of playlists or webradio caused unwanted scrolling in the coverflow.
  • Double-clicking or pressing "Enter" in the media library's track list sometimes had no effect.
  • In the configuration of the media library all layers could be deleted
  • Possible endless loop in playlist search when a CueSheet entry is focused.
  • Access violation when searching by "F3" in the playlist when the playlist is empty
  • In the settings dialog, the existing themes for the web server were displayed multiple times under certain circumstances.
  • In the player area, the cover for web radio was sometimes displayed incorrectly

Bugfixes (well, hopefully)

Some errors reported by email seem to occur every now and then, but without me being able to reproduce them. Whether the changes in the code actually fix these errors, I can't say for sure.

  • Occasional error messages when displaying extended tags in the file overview
  • Occasional error messages when clicking "OK" in the settings dialog
  • Occasional error messages when searching for new files
  • Occasional error messages when quitting Nemp

Version 5.1.1

June 2022

Bugfix: Nemp now also supports "Heavy Metal" and "JPop"

There are stupid bugs, and there are super stupid bugs - like the one fixed here: In the media library, some genres were not saved (respectively not loaded correctly at the next start) - among others "Heavy Metal" and "JPop". Affected are the genres with number 126-147 in the list of ID3v1 genres.