May 2020

Significant change

  • The decision whether the settings are saved in the program directory or in the user directory is now made in a different way: Decisive is now the existence of the file UseLocalData.cfg in the Nemp folder

New features, enhancements

  • Quick access to favourite playlists, including an editor and preview for these playlists.
  • Improved drag&drop in the playlist. Copying files out of (or within) the playlist by holding down the Ctrl key.
  • Enhanced portability: Nemp now supports besides drive letter correction for external drives also installation in cloud directories by using relative paths in the media library (if possible). Both variants are optional. Both techniques are also fully supported in Nemp playlist format.
  • Better quality for covers in coverflow (configurable).
  • More reasonable sorting of e.g. sampler series. Now 1,2,...,10 instead of 1,10,...,2. In this context also a bugfix with "-" in directory names.
  • ReplayGain information added to CSV export
  • Creation of QR codes for the URL of the web server, as well as some small improvements, changes and bugfixes on the web server


  • Drag&Drop within the playlist of several titles simultaneously now moves all selected titles one after the other to the selected position.
  • Nemp now behaves differently if the currently playing track is removed from the playlist. Next track is now the first entry of the playlist in this case.
  • Handling of the search in the playlist changed. When typing, all hits are always marked with a symbol in the display, with F3 you can go through the hits, Enter plays the focused entry. As “hidden feature” you can use Shift+Enter to select all hits and move them to a certain position in the playlist.

Bug fixes

  • Under certain circumstances the playlist could not be saved.
  • Fixed some rare exceptions in the coverflow