January 2020

  • Support for ReplayGain: Automatically adjust the loudness of tracks from different sources
  • Reworked window "File properties": Uniformly editing of metadata in different file formats, read/write support for more different chunks of data within the metadata, cover art for the media library can be changed
  • Improved update notifier: Display some more information about the update
  • Some changes on the file format for media library und playlist files; moved some dll files
  • Bug fixes: cover art in the taskbar preview wasn’t properly scaled in some cases; fixed some memory leaks; possible access violations during background operations on the media library

Version 4.13.1

  • Bugfix: Changing the playback speed did not work as intended

Version 4.13.2

  • Critical bugfix: Editing metadata in the main window could lead to data loss (or nonsense data) in the ID3-Tag of a file