October 2007, almost completely reworked

New features

  • API included. Nemp can be controlled via third-party programs: controlling the player, displaying the playlist, searching in the media library and adding search hits to the playlist
  • As an example application for the API: a deskband embedding itself in the taskbar
  • Remote-Nemp: Connect to other Nemp (via LAN or the Internet), browse the foreign media library, download individual titles from friends, add-on tools to control the other Nemp are possible (documentation will follow later)
  • Coverflow
  • Random playlists. Parameters are possible: genres (with configurable preselections), time period, number of titles
  • Cue sheets
  • Birthday mode: Specify the date and time, select the song, and the song will play automatically at that time. Optionally, a countdown can be played beforehand. The countdown is automatically started before the start of the countdown
  • multi language system. Almost arbitrarily expandable. Translation files can be created by yourself and easily integrated. If available, the system will automatically select the appropriate language - otherwise English
  • Recording of web radio with automatic track splitting. Configurable file naming, automatic addition of ID3 tags
  • The current position in the track is saved at the end of the track and restored the next time it is started.
  • Support of m3u8 playlists for correct saving of Unicode playlists

Improved features

  • Skin system improved. No more flickering when enlarging the windows. Position and size of the control buttons variable. Self-configurable hover effects for the buttons
  • Sleep mode alternatives: Nemp exit, suspend, hibernate, shutdown
  • Tray-Popup contains parts of the playlist
  • More comfort in the media library. While searching for new files, the library is not locked for browsing and searching. Search hits can be dragged into the playlist using drag&drop, even if the search is still running. Selected folders can be monitored, i.e. new files are automatically integrated into the library the next time they are started.
  • Improved quick search. The search term entered is divided into individual words and these are searched for individually. Contiguous words can be stapled by quotation marks.
  • Settings dialog revised.
  • Configurable Hotkeys
  • Enhanced Equalizer
  • Jingle volume configurable
  • Any files are accepted for the playlist via Drag&Drop


  • XP/nonXP version changed. It no longer depends on the file name, but on the folder in which Nemp is located.

Internal stuff

  • Code of the player almost completely rewritten
  • Code for managing the playlist almost completely rewritten
  • Code for media bib management almost completely rewritten

Version 3.0.1

November 2007

  • If no language has been explicitly set, the first time the options dialog was called the language changed to English, even if German was correctly recognized at startup
  • The deskband didn’t display the commercial and (&) correctly

Version 3.0.2

May 2008


  • update of the bass.dll from version 2.3 to 2.4, possibly installed add-ons must also be updated
  • Added settings for playback that can fix problems with distorted playback on some systems.

Bug fixes

  • The quick search for the empty string was not really quick.
  • The first entry in the playlist could not be selected via the tray menu.
  • Updating the cover in the media library worked partially not correctly.
  • Getting lyrics caused a bug cascade

Version 3.0.3

Juni 2008

  • Cue lists had a problem with the last entry in the list
  • In cue lists, the display of the current entry sometimes didn’t match
  • Changing the options changed the playback to the headphone volume
  • In 3.0.2, the error that the language was reset to English appeared again if no language was explicitly selected and the settings dialog was called.