November 2008

Neue Funktionen

  • Significantly faster search in the media library. This means: The search via the quick search runs in real time during typing - optionally even with error tolerance, an error-tolerant search is preset when pressing the Enter key
  • Significantly improved download of lyrics. This means faster, more reliable and simpler. The additional program EvilLyrics is no longer needed.
  • Integration of playlists into the media library. Playlist files are also taken into account when searching the hard disks for music files. These can be inserted completely into the current playlist via the preselection or via the lower title list only partially.
  • Significantly improved support of Webradio. Search in the Shoutcast database and bookmark management.
  • Integrated web server added. In addition, it is possible to exchange your own music collection with friends - limited to the LAN or worldwide. Optionally, the player can also be controlled via this. On the other hand, a normal web browser is sufficient. The previous Remote Nemp, which only worked very moderately, was stamped.
  • Ratings of individual titles
  • Cover images in PNG format (also in ID3 tag)
  • FLAC metadata
  • Playback mode No repeat added, i.e. playback does not restart when the playlist is finished.
  • Binary playlist format added, which can store additional information and accelerates the loading process, since this information no longer has to be retrieved individually from the mp3 files.


  • Improved handling of wrong drives. This means that Nemp notices whether the drive E: from the last session corresponds to the current E: and initiates appropriate actions if necessary. This also works with drives that are connected afterwards (i.e. while Nemp is running)
  • Redesigned detail window. Editing ID3 tags should now be more intuitive. Additional information is displayed (e.g. URL and copyright information)
  • Click on the Next button to jump (optional) to the next entry in the cue sheet only
  • More choice for automatic shutdown of the system, clearer layout
  • The Play/Pause, Stop and Playback mode buttons now have a pop-up menu
  • If Nemp is not terminated correctly, no warning message will be issued at the next startup. The automatically backed up backup playlist is loaded.
  • Inserting many files from the media library into the playlist is now much faster (using the menu items Drag&Drop, Copy&Paste is only possible with max. 500 files possible)

Bug fixes

  • Under some circumstances an error occurred, when recording web radio a file name is too long.
  • ID3 tags of mp3 files from were often read incorrectly
  • Track numbers were often not retrieved from WMA files
  • When playing backwards with increased speed, the Mickey Mouse effect always occurred, even if this was switched off in the settings