September 2006

New features

  • Extensive Unicode support.
  • Variable Preselection for the media list. Not only Artist-Album, but variable (artist, album, genre, year, folder)
  • Variable window design: Compact mode or single window
  • Registration of the data types that Nemp knows and entries in the context menus of folders: Play/insert in Nemp
  • Random playback of the playlist
  • Control of the files played back in the headphones
  • Sleep mode


  • Drag&Drop from the media list to the playlist is also successful if the downloaded files are not available
  • Dragging of more than 500 files is prevented
  • Searching for new files now uses SearchTools and is therefore somewhat faster
  • Unknown genres from the ID3v2 tag are now saved in the media list

Bug fixes

  • pressuring DEL in the search entries led to a removal of an entry in the media list or even to a crash of the program.
  • When fading was activated, it may happen that a click on Pause was ignored

Version 2.5a

September 2006

  • Skins are now collected in the \Skins\ subfolder. Old skins must be moved there
  • Sleep mode: Choose between shutting down Windows and quitting Nemp
  • Skin setting: Align wallpaper on desktop or middle part of the player

Version 2.5b

September 2006

  • Several minor bug fixes

Version 2.5c

October 2006

  • Random playback improved (avoid repeating a song after a short time)
  • Option "Play now"
  • The media list is now loaded in the background at startup

Version 2.5d

November 2006

  • Several minor bug fixes