Over time, a few (more or less) useful functions and functionalities have been added.

  • If a title is selected in the media library, then it can be played as Jingle additionally. Press F9 and hold down the button. Nemp plays this song in parallel to the main playback while the F9 key remains pressed.
  • The key F8 serves as a Push to Talk. This will decrease the volume as long as the F8 key is held down.
  • With Enhanced Copy&Paste via Ctrl+Shift+C, the marked files are copied to the clipboard (as with the known Ctrl+C). In addition, a suitable playlist file is created and inserted into the clipboard.
    The purpose of this additional playlist file is to allow the selected titles, which may have confused filenames, to be inserted into a playlist in the same order in which they are currently sorted in the playlist.
  • If that’s not enough, there is the menu item →Copy Playlist. This will copy the titles in the playlist to a new directory with (if desired) new filenames. The filenames can be defined (with some restrictions) using the same placeholders as the title display in the playlist. Details in the section Viewing settings, List view settings.
  • If an audio file (e.g. mix CDs) has a *.cue-file of the same name (so-called Cue-Sheets), then this file is evaluated, and the individual titles of the mix can be accessed directly.
  • The menu allows you to create a random playlist from your music collection according to certain criteria.