Nemp can search for audio files on your computer, manage them in a media library and display them sorted by various criteria.

Using a quick search, you can find the desired track in no time and add it to the playlist.

By the way, this was the first thing Nemp was able to do. Nemp was originally not a complete player, but only a MP3 management with a link to Winamp. Only after the first presentation in a programming forum the suggestion was made to include a playback function ...

With Nemp 5 the media library was thoroughly reworked. Even if some things have changed only slightly at first sight or even remained the same - the underlying structure has changed massively. By unifying the code base for tree view, coverflow and tag cloud, for example, it is now possible that a cover can also be displayed in the tree view for albums. Likewise, some bugs that were caused by poorly maintainable code should no longer occur.