In the configuration file skin.ini mainly colors and the positions of the buttons are defined, as well as some other options for the skin. The file is divided into blocks as usual for ini files. A new block starts with [section]. The individual options in the block are then listed as Descriptor=Value. For Boolean variables (True/False) 1 means "True" and 0 means "false".


Some options for the background images

  • HideBackgroundImage<..>: Don’t use the background for that area, even if there is a matching file in the skin folder.
  • TileBackground<..>: Tile the backgound. If no tiling is used, the remaining area will be filled with the background color.
  • AlignBackground<..>: Alignment of the background images. The different values mean
    0. left-center
    1. right-center
    2. aligned to the control panel (you can use PlayerPageOffsetX/Y additionally)
    3. left-top
    4. right-top
    5. left-bottom
    6. right-bottom
    The value 2 is a relic from the previous versions and is no longer really meaningful with the variable design of the main window. With PlayerPageOffsetX and PlayerPageOffsetY an offset for the main background image main can be specified, if it is to be aligned at the control panel.
  • PlayerPageOffsetX, PlayerPageOffsetY: Offset for the background image.
  • AlignControlProgressDisplay: Alignment of the background image for the progress display in the control panel.


Some general skin options

  • UseSeparatePlayerBitmap: use the separate background images for the control panel.
  • DrawTransparentLabel: Draws various labels (e.g. title information in control panel) with transparent background.
  • DisableBitrateColors<..>: Nemp can display titles with high or low bit rates in different colors (see color settings). With these options this can be deactivated for the skin.
  • Disable<..>Scrollbar: Hides the scroll bars in the respective part.
  • UseBlendedSelection<..>: Draws the marked elements in the lists in the respective part with a semitransparent color for better readability. Transparency value: BlendFaktor<..>, Tree_(Un)focusedSelectionColor in the corresponding section.
  • UseBlended<..>: Also uses a semi-transparent background for unmarked elements. Transparency value: BlendFaktor<..>2, color Tree_Color in the corresponding section.
  • HideMainMenu: Hides the main menu.
  • UseDefaultListImages, UseDefaultStarBitmaps: Use the default graphics instead of the skin graphics.
  • BlendFaktor<..>: Transparency value for selected entries in the lists. 0 is completely transparent, 255 completely non-transparent.
  • BlendFaktor<..>2: Transparency value for non-selected entries in the lists.
  • ButtonMode, SlideButtonMode: Specifies how the buttons are to be drawn. 0 is Windows standard, 1 Windows standard, but with the skin graphics, 2 completely drawn by the nemp skin. Slidebuttons are the sliders for progress and volume.
  • DrawGroupboxFramesMain: Draw a border around some elements.
  • UseAdvancedSkin: Use the advaced skin system with the vsf-file.
  • AdvancedStyleFilename: Filename of the vsf-file.
  • TreeClientPaintedBySkin: Setting, how the tree views are painted.


Definition of various general color values. All values are given in the format $00ggrrbb, i.e. G-R-B. In graphics programs, the order R-G-B is usually used. Here, the order of the hexadecimal values must be reversed.

  • FormCL: Background color for the main window.
  • LabelCL: Font color of the labels in the main window
  • LabelBackGroundCL: Background color of the labels if they are not to be drawn transparently.
  • Spec<..>CL: Font color of some special labels in the main window
  • SpecPenCL, SpecPen2CL, SpecPeakCL: Color values of the visualization, i.e. the jumping bars. A color gradient is created between SpecPenCL and SpecPen2CL, SpecPeakCL is for the small peak strokes, which sink more slowly.
  • GroupboxFrameCL: Color for the border of some elements.
  • MemoBackGroundCL, MemoTextCL: Background and font color of the lyrics display in the main window.
  • ShapeBrushCL, ShapePenCL, ShapePenProgressCL, ShapeBrushProgressCL: Color and frame color of the progress bar.
  • Splitter1: Color of the sliders in the main window for changing the size of the individual areas.
  • PlaylistPlayingFileColor: Frame color for the current title of the playlist.
  • MinFontColor, MiddleFontColor, MaxFontColor: Colors for displaying different bit rates. The system is based on the possible bit rates for mp3 files. MiddleFontColor is used for 160kbit/s, the maximum value for 320kbit/s (or more).
  • MiddleToMinComputing, MiddleToMaxComputing: The possible values 0, 1 and 2 indicate the type of gradient: square, linear or square-rooted.
  • Preview<..>Color: Color values for the preview in the Windows taskbar.


The four section [ArtistColors], [AlbenColors], [PlaylistColors], [MedienlisteColors] define some colors in the lists.

  • Tree_Color: Background color.
  • Tree_FontColor: Font color.
  • Tree_FontColorSelected: Font color of the selected items.
  • Tree_UnfocusedColor: Font color of the selected items, if the list is not focussed.
  • Tree_HeaderBackgroundColor: Background color of the header.
  • Tree_HeaderFontColor: Font color of the header.
  • Tree_BorderColor: Color of the little gap between columns in the header.
  • Tree_DropTargetBorderColor, Tree_DropTargetColor: Colors for Drag & Drop
  • Tree_FocussedSelectionBorder, Tree_FocussedSelectionColor: Colors for selected items in the list
  • Tree_UnfocusedSelectionBorderColor, Tree_UnfocusedSelectionColor: Colors for selected items in the list, if the list is not focussed.
  • Tree_SelectionRectangleBlendColor, Tree_SelectionRectangleBorderColor: Colors of the selection rectangle for multiple selection by mouse.


Position and size of some control elements. Meaning of the individual values should speak for itself. The positions left, top defined here are used only if in the skin.ini also the section [skin] with a suitable version specification is present:



This is necessary so that with skins created for Nemp 4.10 (or earlier) the buttons are not placed outside the visible area. In version 4.11, the size of the control panel on which most buttons are positioned has changed significantly. Therefore, these position specifications are ignored by version 4.11 and replaced by default values as long as the skin.ini is not explicitly designed for this version. This is done via this [skin] block in the file.