The configurability of the fonts is a relic from the prototype Nemp, where I was mainly interested in showing what I can read from mp3-files. In the meantime I think these settings are not very useful and have set all values to Default: Off.

  • Font size. The general font sizes for the overview and title lists as well as the font style (normal, italic, bold) can be adapted to your own requirements.
  • Change style according to channel mode. Mp3 files can contain different numbers of channels. Some few are mono (single-channel sound), most are stereo (dual-channel sound). In stereo, there is still a distinction between Full stereo (i.e. left and right channels are encoded separately) and Joint Stereo (the second channel encodes only the differences to the first channel). Nemp can display the channel mode using the font style. Italics: Mono; Normal: Joint stereo; Bold: Full stereo.
  • Change font size according to track length. Longer titles are displayed larger, shorter ones smaller. Makes more trouble than it helps.
  • Change font color according to bitrate. Titles with a low bit rate (less than 160 kbit/s) are displayed in reddish color, titles with a high bit rate (more than 160 kbit/s) in green. The lower or higher the bitrate, the more intense the red or green will be. This is deactivated by the default skin of Nemp and has no effect there.
  • Change font according to constant/variable bitrate. The font can be used to indicate whether the title has been encoded with a constant or variable bit rate. In most cases, this is not a particularly interesting indication that requires special emphasis.


Party mode was kind of a crazy idea. In german, there is a term "Schnapsidee" ("booze idea"), and this one was literally a booze idea. When Nemp plays the music at a party, after a few (or a few more) beers the buttons get pretty small and are hard to hit. In party mode, they get bigger.

  • Amplification factor. Option how much the player control should be increased when the party mode is activated.
  • Block editing file information in the media list. Default: On. Prevents the title information from being edited by double-clicking or F2 in the title list of the media library. The display of the detail window with extended editing options is always deactivated.
  • Black rating of current title. Default: On. Prevents you from changing the rating of the current title.
  • Password. The optional password is required to exit Party mode. If necessary, it is displayed briefly when activated. If you forget your password, exit Nemp and restart. Party mode is then deactivated.

Note: This party mode probably clashes with the scaling in the Windows display settings and causes problems there. An adaptation and improved support of the scaling is planned for the next update (version 5.1). In this context, the party mode will then also be revised.