All images may be available as PNG, JPG or BMP. Nemp automatically selects the existing file extension. For background images JPG is recommended, for other images PNG.

Background images

There are separate background images for the different areas in the main window, which can be aligned in several ways.

  • player. Used for the part with the Play/Pause/Stop/Volume buttons.
  • ControlProgress. Same height as player, but the width is variable here (optionally tiled). For the part with the progress bar.
  • ControlSelection. For the narrow part to select main and headphone controls.
  • ControlCover. For the background of the small cover in the control panel.
  • main. Background for the remaining area of the window, is overwritten by the following three images for the subareas, if necessary.
  • BackgroundBrowse. Appears in the tag cloud and tree view. Not currently in coverflow.
  • BackgroundMedialist. For the listing of titles in the media library
  • BackgroundPlaylist. Background image for the playlist.
  • Win7PreviewBackground. Background of the preview in the taskbar.

Button graphics

The images for buttons consist of several very similar individual images. Basically, all these images have five columns, i.e. five images next to each other. Of these five, only four are still in use:

  • default state
  • MouseOver, i.e. you point with the mouse to the button
  • (unused)
  • MouseDown, d.h. you click the button
  • deaktiviert, i.e. the button is inactive and cannot be clicked.

Some buttons have different states, e.g. the Play/Pause button or the one for changing the playback mode. For each of these states there is a row in the graphics.

  • BtnPlayPause: Two rows for Play and Pause
  • BtnStop: Two rows. The second row is for the state "Nemp will stop after the current title"
  • BtnRandom: Four rows for the for playback modes
  • BtnRecord: Two rows for start and stop recording
  • TabBtnBrowse and TabBtnTagCloud: Three rows. The first two for "selected" or "not selected". The third one displays a warning if the ID3 tags of some titles have been changed at a significant position, and therefore the preselection lists or tag cloud should be rebuilt. Since this takes a few seconds, it does not happen automatically after editing individual titles.
  • TabBtnMarker: Five rows for the individual colored markings.
  • TabBtn*: Two rows each for “selected” or “not selected”.

Additional graphics

  • ListenBilder: A list of graphics used in the list views. Nemp splits this image file into 14x14 pixel icons. For orientation when editing, there are markers under each icon in the supplied files, but they have no other meaning. Some icons are no longer used, but are still included in the graphic for backward compatibility.
  • MenuImages: A list of icons used in the menus. These have a size of 16x16 pixels each.
  • ab-repeat-start and ab-repeat-end: These two are shown in the progress bar when the A-B Repeat effect is activated.
  • BtnClose: Is displayed in single window mode to close a single window.
  • cbClean-CheckNormal and cbClean-UnCheckNormal: Are used in the "Clean up media library" dialog to select the files to remove or keep from the media library.
  • starset, starunset, starhalfset: The star graphics for displaying the rating.
  • Volume: Graphic next to the volume control
  • SlideBtnLeftRight: Graphic for the sliders. The pixel in the upper left corner indicates the transparent color.