Metadata like artist, title, album or year of release are very useful for sorting your music collection in the media library. If this data is incorrect or incomplete, it reduces the clarity. Therefore, this information can be quickly and easily edited directly in the track list.

To do this, simply navigate to the corresponding row and column in the track list and click the cell a second time, or press the F2 key. Enter the desired change and confirm the change by pressing the Enter key.

Nemp will then automatically insert this information into the file's metadata, so that this information is permanently stored and available to other programs.

Note: This fast editing of the metadata is only possible if this is explicitly allowed in the settings.

The reason for this is that this modification of the data can also happen unintentionally. This will change the files, which may conflict with your backup or file sharing strategy. 

The easiest way to enable this setting is via the Nemp Wizard, otherwise in the settings dialog at Metadata→Write changes directly to metadata.