The building of the media library is very simple: Choose "Media Library→Add Directory" in the menu and select the folder with your music files. Nemp then scans this directory including all subfolders and adds the audio files to the media library. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop your music folder into the "Media Library" section. 

This process can take quite a while - Nemp manages about 20-40 files per second. You can continue to use Nemp during this time - even if some things don't run as smoothly.

Adding more files

Nemp can monitor the inserted directories. This means that every time Nemp is started, it scans the directories for new files. Whether this is useful, I leave up to you. For small music collections that are expanded regularly, this is a good comfort feature. For very large music collections that are rarely expanded, this is rather an unnecessary load on the hard drives every time Nemp is started.

If this feature is disabled, you will have to add new music to the media library manually. The easiest method here is probably drag and drop. Just drag the folder with the new music into the media library - done. 

If you use the tree view, you can also drag and drop directly to select a category where the new folder should be inserted.

Updating the files

If you have changed some files with other programs, then you can update the data for these files again. To do this, select →Refresh selected or Media Library→Refresh in the main menu. For a few files this is still quite fast, but the complete reread of a media library with several 10,000 titles takes a few minutes.