A special function in Nemp is the built-in headphone playback. This can be placed on a second sound card (this can also be done with a small USB sound card for a few euros/dollars) to listen to a song without disturbing the actual playback.

The two upper buttons on the left side of the control panel can be used to switch between the player control and the headphone control.

To insert a title into the headphone playback, you can use the key combination Ctrl+H, or use Drag&Drop to drag a title into it.

Deviating control elements

There are no buttons for "next/previous track" in the headphone control. Instead, there are two buttons that allow insertion into the playlist.

Inserts the current track in the headphone player into the playlist. How exactly - e.g. behind the current track or at the end of the playlist - can be defined in the settings. Or by selecting the appropriate option in the context menu of this button.

Inserts the current track in the headphone player into the playlist behind the current track in the playlist and immediately starts playback at the current position.

Tip: Use this function if, for example, a track has an unnecessary intro and you don't want to have long pauses at a party.