October 2017

New features

  • Search in the playlist.
  • Option: In "Repeat Title" playback mode, play only the current entry in a cuesheet and not the entire file.
  • Option: Weighted random play. Highly rated titles in the playlist are more likely to be selected than those with a low rating (or vice versa)
  • Option: Default cover configurable (again)


  • Settings dialog revised. All options are always displayed. But some of these were sorted more sensibly and a little bit purified. Some old and very rarely used options have been dropped, some others have been added
  • Changes to some default settings that were relics of the past and caused confusion rather than clarity.

Bug fixes

  • The keyboard display app now shows the current title when playing web radio, and not permanently the title that was active when the stream was started (if the channel is sending appropriate metadata)
  • Some webstreams seemed to block Nemp, fixed by a dedicated HTTP user agent instead of the bass.dll standard.

Version 4.7.1

November 2017

  • fixed an access violation when browsing playlists