February 2013

  • iTunes tags (m4a)
  • Walkman mode: Fluttering on low battery
  • New standard skin, including new logo
  • Settings dialog revised

Version 4.6.1

March 2013

  • Global switch-off option for the extended skin system, with default off for Windows XP
  • If the playlist is empty but a title is still running, it will now be played to the end when new files are inserted into the playlist. Exception: Playback and delete old playlist
  • G15-App no longer reports an error at startup, if there is no G15. Usage can now also be (de-)activated in the Nemp settings dialog, not only in the app itself.

Version 4.6.2

April 2013

  • Non-ASCII characters were displayed incorrectly on the web server, and the search for them did not work

Version 4.6.3

December 2016

  • Fixed automatic lyric search (i. e. adapted to the new page layout of the source)
  • On web radio, the title in the playlist also changes automatically when the station transmits new metadata
  • Moving the window with cover, equalizer and effects control often led to a chaotic shift of the player window