May-July 2010 - Nemp becomes Open-Source

  • Change of the license from "Freeware" to "Open Source": Nemp is now available under the GPL
  • Change of the development environment from Delphi 7 to Delphi 2009

New Features

  • New Coverflow
  • Automatic download of covers from the Internet
  • Added browse mode tag cloud.
  • Lyricsearch on the web works again
  • Edit file information directly in the main window. Start editing by double-clicking or F2, change the rating with a single click
  • Automatic adjustment of the rating for frequently played files. The change in the rating depends on the play counter (in the case of often heard titles, the rating changes less strongly)
  • Windows7 support extended: Customized taskbar preview window, taskbar volume buttons, progress bar for longer actions in the taskbar
  • Direct playback from the media library possible without changing the playlist
  • Prebook list in the playlist. Playback sequence can be changed using the numeric keys.
  • Playlist history
  • Party Mode: Larger buttons with reduced function to avoid unintentional incorrect entries.
  • Web radio management improved. Sorting option for the web radio stations in the media library, export of the web radio stations as pls-file
  • Smarter resizing of components when resizing the main window
  • Headphone control integrated in the main window: easy insertion of the current headphone title into the playlist


  • Removed skin editor from main program
  • Quick search revised. Everything is always searched, not just the current list. Hits from this list are displayed first.

Version 4.0.1

August 2010

  • Ratings were not saved to the ID3 tag if the Playback counter was set to 0