March 2009

New features

  • LastFM Scrobble. Played songs are stored in the LastFM user profile.
  • Updater function, i.e. automatic notification of new versions
  • Web radio recording with cut by time/file size
  • If a new drive with a monitored directory is connected, scanning for new files may start afterwards if necessary
  • Rudimentary Windows7 support (task bar buttons)


  • Settings dialog revised
  • About dialog revised
  • File type registration extended, e.g. display of the currently registered file types on Nemp

Bug fixes

  • The volume keys on multimedia keyboards didn’t work as expectedThe volume control on jingles was defective
  • The playlist files had problems with very long file names
  • Tags in Lossless WMA files were not retrieved

Version 3.3.1

April 2009

  • Editing ID3 tags resulted in inconsistencies in the media library (double files) or a total player crash.

Version 3.3.2

July 2009

  • Fixed various errors when booting from CD/DVD or other write-protected media
  • The function Remove played title from playlist did not work
  • Disabling automatic update search did not work

Version 3.3.3

August 2009

  • Automatic lyrics search removed. LyricWiki had to shut down the API due to pressure from record companies
  • Missing files in the playlist were not skipped, respectively playback stopped automatically afterwards

Version 3.3.4

November 2009

  • Under certain circumstances, the playlist played only one song and then stopped.