The web radio features in Nemp are relatively basic. Nemp does support web radio, but the focus is not on it.

Recently, it has also become more difficult to get the necessary stream addresses. Many radio stations, in my experience, are moving to streaming through their website, or recommending their own "app". Perhaps the whole concept is also slipping further into a niche existence - instead of classic web radio, more people are using streaming services today.

Recording settings

Nemp can also record webstreams in mp3 format. Here you can set where the recordings should be saved, how the files should be named, whether a separate subfolder should be used for each station, and whether and how the files should be cut.

Beginning a new file when changing the title depends on how exactly the sender sends the meta information. This works very well for some stations, badly for some, and practically not at all for others.

As another option, you can then cut after a certain time or when a certain file size is reached. These crop marks are only approximate values. The file sizes and title lengths may differ slightly from the indicated ones.

Streams that are not encoded in Mp3 format cannot be recorded.

Playlist parsing

In the small pls or m3u files, which can be downloaded from web radio sites on the Internet, several addresses can be listed, which usually all broadcast the same, but possibly in different qualities. Nemp can either parse this file and offer all stations for playback, or only one entry, from which the playback engine then selects a suitable station independently.