Settings whether and how the ReplayGain values stored in the metadata are to be used during playback. For detailed explanations see chapter ReplayGain.

Equalizer and Effects

  • Reset equalizer/effects. Depending on the setting selected at this point, the effects and equalizer settings will be forgotten when Nemp is restarted and reset to the default setting or not. The default setting retains the equalizer setting, but resets the effects back to off.
  • Walkman mode. A silly little gimmick. Some “older” people might still know the Walkmans (or portable cassette players from other brands). They started to wobble when the battery was low, as the tape no longer ran at constant speed. Nemp can simulate this behavior. If Nemp is running on a laptop that is not connected to the power supply, playback will no longer run at constant speed. The effect becomes stronger and stronger as the state of charge decreases. 
    This is actually counterproductive, since it will cost more computing power. But at least it is more noticeable when the battery is weakening and needs to be charged.


Pressing the F9 key (and holding it down) will play an additional title. This playback is stopped immediately when the button is released. The volume of the actual playback can be reduced.

If you want to make a short announcement, you can use F8 to briefly reduce the volume of the main playback by the value set here.