Nemp contains some more hidden and/or wacky features. Some of them have been requested over time, others are historically determined, others are just for fun. I would like to draw your attention to a few things here.

The Nemp-API

Originally, Nemp was just an Mp3-manager with a remote control for Winamp. The Winamp API was used for this purpose, which allows other programs to send commands to Winamp and read data from it. Nemp has basically copied this API and extended it a little bit. If you are interested, you can examine the file src/common/NempAPI.pas in the source code folder or use it in your own projects. (GitHub: /master/src/common/NempApi.pas)

The former Nemp Deskband for Windows XP and the display app for the Logitech G15 (included with Nemp) work with this API.

Command line parameter

Nemp supports a few parameters for the command line. Some of them are used for the function Play in Nemp respectively Enqueue in Nemp in the Windows Explorer. Another hidden function is the parameter /close. A few years ago, a user requested a method to terminate a running instance of Nemp from the command line. First there was the small add-on program NempClose.exe. In Nemp 4.8 this can be done by calling ./nemp.exe /close. This terminates the current instance.

Easteregg for

Originally Nemp was published in the Delphi forum on There I also worked as a moderator for several years and took part in the traditional Advent Lottery. One of these puzzles revolved around an mp3 file whose audio data was actually the source code of a brainfuck program that outputs a Christmas carol during execution. Nemp recognizes this special file, extracts the Brainfuck program, executes it and plays the hidden song. By the way, it was this one: Allison Crowe - Silent Night (Video on youtube).