Nemp also supports playing audio CDs. Here the information such as artist and title can be determined in two ways.

CD Text

Many audio CDs have basic track information in the form of CD text. The character encoding is severely limited here - Nemp always assumes ISO 8859-1. The variants for Japanese, Korean and Chinese are not supported.

Online CD database

Alternatively, Nemp can search for information in the online CD Database (CDDB). This information should be UTF-8 encoded, and usually includes the genre and release year in addition to the title and artist.

The default server is However, a different, compatible server can be configured in the settings. For the request, requires an e-mail address for identification. If you frequently make queries, you should use your own e-mail address for this purpose in the settings. Otherwise Nemp uses a default address.

The requested data is stored in the data directory in the file CDDBCache.ncd. If an audio CD is inserted again at a later time, Nemp recognizes this CD again and does not need to start an online request again. 

The audio CDs are not always clearly identifiable. If the online query determines that there are several possibilities for the calculated identification number of the inserted audio CD, Nemp offers a selection dialog in which all candidates are listed.