August 2018

New features

  • Loading and saving the media library is more RAM-saving now
  • Preparation of the media library for accelerated searches is more RAM-saving now
  • Option "Ignore lyrics" to reduce storage problems with very (very) large music collections.
  • Logfile for the playlist: When was which track played
  • Option “Delete missing files at startup” to delete missing files from the media library. If necessary, it will be executed again when a new drive is connected
  • Settings dialog: Button “Scan now” for new or missing files


  • "Cleanup / Remove missing files" removed always missing playlists, even from drives that are not currently connected
  • Possible deadlock at "Clear Covercache" fixed

Version 4.9.1

August 2018

  • Performance of the display app for the G15 significantly improved and thereby greatly reduced the CPU load.

Version 4.9.2

January 2019

  • Fixed some issues with the displayed titles in the media list
  • setting how the display of “marked files” works
  • Quicksearch saves now the 10 most recent search terms
  • Display of the current IP adresses in the settings dialog of the web server.