February 2006 - Nemp becomes an mp3 player

Major Updates/Changes:

  • Internal Player added
  • New icon and renaming of Gausis MP3 Verwaltung to Nemp - Noch ein MP3-Player
  • Direct search in the media list simplified
  • Classification into predefined categories such as albums, samplers, soundtracks removed
  • Automatically save/load media list and playlist on exit and startup
  • Modification of the system to allow storage independent of the drive. This means that changing the drive letter for multiple partitions is (almost) no problem anymore
  • Search in separate thread outsourced
  • Get Lyrics with EvilLyrics

Minor Updates/Changes

  • Display of the media list slightly changed
  • Winamp connection further loosened. With your own player it doesn’t make sense to monitor the Winamp status anymore