Starting Nemp

Player and Playlist

  • Begin playback on start. Default: On. When starting Nemp, start playing the music directly, without having to click Play additionally. The playback starts with the track that was heard last.
  • Remember last track position. Default: On. When Nemp is started, the last track played is started at the point where Nemp was previously stopped, not at the beginning.
  • If applicable: Start playback with new file. Default: On. If Nemp was started by double-clicking on an mp3 file, then this track will be played, and not the one that was active when Nemp was last started.
  • Switch to enqueued file (even if another track is already playing). Default: Off. If an mp3 file is double-clicked in Windows Explorer and thereby passed to Nemp, then the current playback is interrupted and the newly inserted track is played immediately.

Media library

  • Load media library on start. Default On. The last media library created is automatically loaded and displayed.
  • Save media library on close. Default On. The current media library is automatically saved when Nemp is closed.


  • Show splash screen. Default: On. Shows a splash screen at startup with some small hints about the progress of the loading process.
  • Allow multiple instances. Default: Off. Usually Nemp should run only once, further starts are prevented. With this option Nemp can be started multiple times.
  • Start minimized. Default: Off. Nemp starts minimized without bringing the window to the foreground or displaying it.
  • Show TrayIcon. Default: Off. Adds a Nemp icon to the tray area of the taskbar.

Nemp portable

For an explanation of the customization options if you want to use Nemp on multiple devices, see section USB-Discs, the cloud and portability.

Search for Updates

  • Automatically check for new versions of Nemp. Default: Off. Nemp can check if there is a new version at the specified interval and then display a corresponding message. Download and installation must be done manually.
  • Notify on Beta releases. Default: Off. Also notify if there is not yet a new stable version, but only a pre-release version in which there may be more bugs than should be the case in the final version.


Nemp can react to the PC being hibernated.

  • Stop player when system hibernates. Default: On. Stops the player so that when the PC wakes up and the user is supposed to log in, the music playback does not run.
  • Reinitialize player engine on wakeup. Default: Off. On some systems, a re-initialization of the player is necessary when the PC is resumed from sleep mode. Usually not necessary.