Media keys

  • Use media keys, even if Nemp is in the background. Default: On. Nemp also reacts to play, pause, next title etc. by pressing the corresponding key on media keyboards, if Nemp is not the foreground window but only runs in the background.
  • Use volume up/down keys for system-wide volume control. Default: On. By pressing the keys for volume up/down on the media keyboard, the global volume is controlled. Otherwise, only the volume in Nemp is changed.
  • Use keyboard display. Default: Off. Use Nemp to start a display application to show the current title in Nemp on the keyboard display. For the Logitech G15, Nemp comes with an application, for other keyboards you can program your own applications (theoretically).

Global Hotkeys

Global hotkeys can be used to perform certain actions in a program even if the program does not currently have the input focus. This can be useful in some cases, but most of the time it is not. Nemp can register such global hotkeys at startup.

This may lead to collisions with other programs, or other hotkeys may be deactivated.

  • Install global hotkeys. Default: Off. Nemp can register system-wide hotkeys to enable control when Nemp is in the background

Tabulator key

The configuration of the Tab key is rather useless or strange, but it will not bother you either.

  • Tabstop at player controls. Default: On. The player keys can be focused with the Tab key and then activated by pressing Enter.
  • Tabstop at tool buttons. Default: Off. The Tab key allows you to focus the tool buttons for lyrics, covers, effects etc. using the Tab key.