Basic concept

Since I always stumble over one thing even when trying out other players, I probably need to clarify something here at the beginning. Apparently I think differently than many others ...

Played is always "the playlist". If you want to play an album or a track, it has to go into the playlist first.

This playlist is not hidden somewhere, but a very central element of Nemp. The files can be inserted directly from the media library (Drag&Drop, Copy&Paste, or via the menu), or from Windows Explorer. 

If you double-click a track in the media library, then this track (and only this track, not the whole album!) is inserted into the playlist - at least in the default setting.  


Nemp supports the usual methods of control commonly found in Windows. These include

  • Clicking buttons.
  • Tabbing through the controls with the Tab key and activating the focused item with Enter.
  • Context menus. The four areas (and sometimes some individual elements) have their own context menus, which can be used to access various functions. You can reach the context menu as usual with the right mouse button or additionally with a click on one of the Nemp buttons (in some skins it may look different, e.g. similar to the hamburger menus known from web pages).
  • Keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+F for quick search or Ctrl+D for displaying details of a selected title.
  • Multimedia keyboards for controlling the player are supported. 
  • Some buttons for player control are available in the taskbar or the preview window in the taskbar.
  • Optionally, global hotkeys can be defined, e.g. Ctrl+Shift+P for Play. However, this may have undesirable side effects with other programs and is not recommended.

Drag & Drop

For handling files, the usual Windows methods drag&drop and copy&paste are available. With the extension of the media library by "categories" in version 5 the drag&drop concept was also extended.

... from the Windows Explorer into Nemp

You can drag music files or whole directories into Nemp from the Windows Explorer. What Nemp does with the files depends on where exactly you drag them: The files are then either added to the playlist, or to the media library. If the playlist is the destination, the insertion position is taken into account. When inserting into the media library, the category to which the files are dragged is taken into account in the tree view, if applicable. If a "Recently Added" category is selected in the Media Library configuration, the files are always inserted into that category as well. If files are explicitly dragged to this category, then the files are also added to the default category.

... within Nemp

You can also use Drag&Drop to drag files from the Media Library to the Playlist, or to move them to another location within the Playlist. In the tree view, this also lets you move files from one category to another. If you want to copy files to another category, press the Ctrl key as well.

... from Nemp into the Windows Explorer

Finally, it is also possible to drag files from Nemp into Windows Explorer. To do this, the Ctrl key must be pressed at the start of the drag and drop process. This ensures that the files are copied in any case, and not accidentally moved to another directory on the same hard drive.


You can also use Copy&Paste to copy files, i.e. the key combinations Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. As a special feature of Nemp there is the key combination Ctrl+Shift+C. This will not only copy the selected files to the clipboard, but also a matching playlist file. This can be useful if you have a motley playlist and you want to copy it to a new folder (e.g. on a hardware player).