A function that removes missing files from the playlist has been in Nemp for a while. With version 4.15 a search for duplicates is implemented as well.

The playlist is scanned for potentially duplicate tracks. Nemp distinguishes between a possible duplicate and a definite duplicate:

An entry is a possible duplicate if the file name matches (but in different directories), or if artist and title match.

An entry is a definite duplicate if both entries point to the same file.

In the screenshot, the first song is highlighted in the playlist for which a duplicate was found at position 10 and 19. For the 10th song in the playlist the file name and artist and title match, the 19th track is a clear duplicate. (In fact, all possible duplicates here are the instrumental versions of the Earbook edition of the album.)


You can then step through all the possible duplicates and delete the original entry in each case, or delete the duplicates from the playlist.